Cook with traditional rocks


Traditional volcanic rocks from Taranaki Maunga

The true taste of hāngi kai is achieved through the rocks or ngā Kōhatu. That is why Te Kōhatu hāngi cookers excel far above any of its rivals, in fact we go so far to say that the competitors are merely steamers.

Te Kōhatu Hāngi cookers have developed a unique method of achieving the true taste of traditional hangi and incorporated that into their cookers. Never before has this method of cooking on rocks been used in commercially produced cookers until now. Te Kōhatu Hāngi cookers offer you a complete package with baskets, rocks, LPG blower and cooker featuring an integrated temperature gauge.

Cooks with traditional rocks heated by a LPG Blower so you get the true taste of a hāngi in the ground without having to find fire wood or digging up the section.

Heats rocks in 1 hour cooks kai in 2 hours.

Rocks stay inside the cooker never need to be removed.

Rocks will get better & better with use, they will take less time to heat the more they are used.

Unlike the steamers that use ring burners this is the real deal if you desire the true taste of hāngi kai then this is the best on the market